Making a difference

Serve Locally

At LifeBridge, we believe that we should be influential in our community. If there is any organization that should be making a difference in our community, it’s the local church.

In order to maximize our impact, we carefully vet organizations and select those that are well run and are meeting needs in our community. Here is a list of the organizations we currently support:

  • Shelter From the Rain is an organization that serves single moms by providing assistance with job search, mentoring, supplies, and other acts of kindness that refresh and nurture mind, body and soul. (
  • Loop It Up Savannah is a community creative arts organization that provides programming to over 5,000 children in Savannah. Their focus is on bringing the arts to Savannah's urban families and children, allowing children a creative outlet while building lasting relationships. (Loop It Up Savannah Facebook)
  • Gadsden Elementary is a local Title I elementary school. We are partnering with them to provide food for families in need, school uniforms, and funding for local field trips. We are also providing volunteer support to students and teachers at Gadsden. (Gadsden Elementary)

Serve Internationally

Comunidad Connect ( is an organization with whom we are partnering to improve the lives of families in Los Robles, Nicaragua. In July of 2016, LifeBridge sent 15 people on our first service trip. We plan to visit the same community each year to develop relationships and participate in the progress of Los Robles.

Our 2018 Nicaragua trip will be from June 10-18.

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