JUNE 3-7, JUNE 10-14, JUNE 17-21, JUNE 24-28

Welcome to Camp Bridge Kids – where adventure, fun, and faith collide for an unforgettable summer experience! Our camp is tailor-made for rising K- 5th graders, providing an exciting and safe environment for them to discover the joy of adventure, build lasting friendships, and explore the wonders of faith. At Camp Bridge Kids, we have a thrilling lineup of activities that cater to every child's sense of excitement and wonder. From heart-pounding games to team-building activities, your child will embark on a journey of discovery and self-confidence. Our low ropes course will challenge their physical and mental agility, fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Our arts and crafts provide a perfect outlet for imagination to soar. Our large group times are filled with joy as we sing, dance, and play games together. Through these activities, we aim to create an atmosphere where campers can connect with each other and, most importantly, hear God's word. At Camp Bridge Kids, our promise is simple – to create a fun, adventurous, and worship-centered experience for your child. We believe that through the excitement of adventure, the joy of fun-filled activities, and the bonds formed through friendships, we can provide an opportunity for your child to develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with Jesus.